What is the difference between a bodybuilder’s physique and an athletic body?

What is the difference between a bodybuilder’s physique and an athletic body?


When it comes to fitness, there are various goals that individuals strive to achieve. Two popular fitness goals that often come up in conversations are achieving a bodybuilder’s physique and attaining an athletic body. While both of these goals involve building a strong and muscular physique, there are key differences between the two. In this article, we will explore the characteristics and distinctions of a bodybuilder’s physique and an athletic body.

Bodybuilder’s Physique

A bodybuilder’s physique is often characterized by extreme muscle mass, low body fat levels, and a focus on symmetry and aesthetics. Bodybuilders dedicate their training and nutrition towards building and sculpting their muscles for competition purposes. Here are some key features of a bodybuilder’s physique:

  • Muscle Mass: Bodybuilders focus on hypertrophy, which involves increasing the size and volume of their muscles through resistance training. They aim to develop well-defined and visually striking muscles.
  • Low Body Fat: Bodybuilders typically have low levels of body fat, as it helps to showcase the muscle definition they have worked hard to achieve. They often undergo strict dieting and intense cardio routines to reduce their body fat percentage.
  • Symmetry and Proportion: Bodybuilders place great importance on having a symmetrical and proportionate physique. This means that each muscle group should be developed equally, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique.
  • Competition Focus: Bodybuilders work towards competing in bodybuilding competitions, where they are judged based on their muscle size, definition, and overall presentation. Their training and nutrition plans are tailored towards achieving the best possible shape for these events.

Athletic Body

An athletic body, on the other hand, is characterized by overall strength, agility, and functional fitness. Athletes prioritize performance and functionality over aesthetics. Here are some key features of an athletic body:

  • Functional Strength: Athletes focus on developing functional strength, which allows them to excel in their respective sports. Their training involves exercises that mimic movements and demands specific to their sport.
  • Agility and Speed: Athletes often require quick movements, agility, and speed in their sports. Their training includes exercises and drills that enhance their athleticism and improve their ability to perform at a high level.
  • Body Composition: While athletes may have a muscular physique, their body composition may vary depending on the demands of their sport. Some sports, like weightlifting or sprinting, may require higher levels of muscle mass, while others, like long-distance running, may prioritize lower body fat levels.
  • Sport-Specific Training: Athletes train with a focus on developing skills and abilities that are directly related to their sport. They incorporate sport-specific drills, conditioning exercises, and strategies to improve their performance in competitions.


In conclusion, the difference between a bodybuilder’s physique and an athletic body lies in their goals, training methods, and overall focus. Bodybuilders aim for extreme muscle mass and low body fat levels, with an emphasis on aesthetics and symmetry for competition purposes. On the other hand, athletes prioritize functional strength, agility, and performance in their respective sports. Both goals require dedication, hard work, and discipline, but the specific training and focus differ.

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